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WOOCS 1.2.4

Change and return policy

If you are not happy with your product, you may return it within 14 days of receiving the piece from Lágrimas de Luna, presenting your purchase invoice or confirmation email sent by Lágrimas de Luna.

The returned product must not be altered or damaged by use.

The costs of shipping for a returned piece must be assumed by you, unless the piece is being returned because of faults that are not a part of our artisanal process (our pieces are not perfect and slight variations may happen due to the traditional techniques we use -this is the beauty of our pieces).

We can’t change or reimburse pieces that were bought at third party’s stores.

In the case you have received a piece that has faults (it rarely happens, but if it did, we are very sorry…) please write a message to info@lagrimasdeluna.com. If this is the case, we will asume the cost of shipping for you to return the piece, and we will reimburse or change the piece, as you prefer.

Please allow 15 days for the reimbursement of your money to go through.


If you would like to reach us, please write to us at info@lagrimasdeluna.com and we WILL get back to you.