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Collar de Plata Mapuche Chile Regalo Chile Fair Trade Jewelry
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Necklace of the Earth

Collection Balance

$ 198.000

The design of this necklace is inspired by the symmetrical cross of the ancestral Mapuche silverwork, symbol related to the earth and the territory. Made by hand, by masterful artisans from the Araucania Region, this silver necklace has a family of human like figures at its base, depicting the ancestors that accompany us through our time on Earth.

This piece has been handmade rescuing ancestral indigenous techinques from the Araucania Region in the south of Chile. Learn more here.

Inspired in the ancestral Mapuche arts and culture. Find out more.

This piece supports artisans with local and constant employment under international fair trade standards. Learn more about the Fair Trade principles here.

If your piece is avaliable at the time of your purchase, it will be sent on the next 48 working hours from your purchase. If your piece is not available, you may still purchase it, and it will be made in our workshops in rural areas of Araucania Region, in the south of Chile, and sent to you with DHL Express between 7 to 10 working days. See our policies here.

A word on us: As a team and family we have been involved for decades in the investigation and promotion of indigenous culture and arts from Chile. We founded Lágrimas de Luna as a cultural and design-driven project to contribute to the sustainability of native cultures and build a tolerant society towards our diversity. The excellence, social impact and symbolism of our pieces reflects our enduring commitment to this goal, as well as the illusion and commitment of the artisans, designers, poets and researchers, who for many years have contributed with their talent to this dream and project.



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